yesterday in black and white.

because i know you all miss my posts where i refused to not black and white everything.. here’s a few from the countryside yesterday morning…



the latvian life – week 1

well it has been interesting transitioning into a world with a language where i can’t understand when one word ends and one word begins. although the first week has been challenging, i can feel the latvians slowly beginning to open up to me.  i’ve started actually typing and thinking with a latvian accent.

i don’t really take too many pictures because i’m primarily shooting video but here are a few that i’ve grabbed in my down time. i’ve been primarily in the city of Liepaja, about 3 hours (by bus) outside of the capital of Riga. monday, i leave for Valdemarpils, a site set in the countryside where i’ll be spending two days at a YWAM base and then 5 days in a camp where they abandon you in the forest or something crazy like that. hopefully i’ll have photos to prove it next week 🙂

kvasa. like root beer but better because it tastes like pure malt.

best cherries of my life. fresh from the market in riga.

typical latvian scene.

home of family in Liepaja that i’m staying with pt 1.

home pt 2. they are both artists. anyone that knows me can imagine how much i freaked out when i saw that Kristine had done a rendition of egon schiele.

Liepaja home pt. 3. Kristine’s husband, Euris, and their sweet son Rudolph. Yep, Rudolph.

so. true story. the day i arrived i found out that kristine was graduating from art school. latvian art school graduation? unreal. ask me about it sometime. not right now. i just posted 30 pictures in one post. go me.

there are so many kid pictures comin up. get used to these baby fazes.

a favorite latvian of mine. the wonderful andra.

Audra. She is the one that tells me what the Latvians are trying to tell me.

Parkour and free running films coming soon to a vimeo near you.

Little Latvian bebs.

cats and dogs eat like kings here.

Latvia in t-minus 8 days!


As many of you know, I am making a 5 week trip to Latvia from June 16th to July 25th, fully funded and supported by faithful friends and family. So grateful to everyone that is really making this happen. At this point, I have raised all the funds that I need – in about 2 weeks, in fact. Praise God!

Here’s a little debriefing on details of my travels:

WHERE: Latvia through YWAM – more details at

WHEN: June 16 – July 25

WHAT I’LL BE DOING: The five weeks will consist of me going to all the various sites that YWAM has established the last 20 years to document the NUMEROUS art and outreach programs that have established in community. I will potentially be teaching photography classes as well. EXCITING!

Needless to say, I AM SO EXCITED but will need your prayers and encouragement. You can follow this wonderful blog and pass on the flyer to others that you know that might be curious about YWAM Latvia and remain updated on my travels there. WOO.

God Bless!