Latvia in t-minus 8 days!


As many of you know, I am making a 5 week trip to Latvia from June 16th to July 25th, fully funded and supported by faithful friends and family. So grateful to everyone that is really making this happen. At this point, I have raised all the funds that I need – in about 2 weeks, in fact. Praise God!

Here’s a little debriefing on details of my travels:

WHERE: Latvia through YWAM – more details at

WHEN: June 16 – July 25

WHAT I’LL BE DOING: The five weeks will consist of me going to all the various sites that YWAM has established the last 20 years to document the NUMEROUS art and outreach programs that have established in community. I will potentially be teaching photography classes as well. EXCITING!

Needless to say, I AM SO EXCITED but will need your prayers and encouragement. You can follow this wonderful blog and pass on the flyer to others that you know that might be curious about YWAM Latvia and remain updated on my travels there. WOO.

God Bless!

3 thoughts on “Latvia in t-minus 8 days!

  1. How are things going, Elle? I am very excited for you that you have this wonderful opportunity. I actually remember YWAM, the organization, being in Germany when we lived there. So they are not just in countries like Latvia……Grandmona

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