The Latvian Life – Week 3 & 4

I’m currently in Riga, drinking lots of coffee and working with their ministries here until the 17th-ish.  One of those ministries is Freedom61, which works with prostitutes and approaches the topics of human trafficking and sex slavery. Riga is a major center for purchasing sex in all of Eastern Europe, known for being inexpensive and accessible. There are actual “party planes” and “sex tours” (like in Thailand) in Riga as well. I can’t wait to share with you more, visually, Freedom61. It is truly a unique organization and very new – only 1 year old to be exact but they already know about 100 girls’ names and are forming personal relationships with them. They meet the girls on the streets with soup, cupcakes, first aid kits, nail polish/lipstick/care packages, and coffee twice a week. They spend Friday nights, with a male team, going to the various streets and approaching the men entering brothels and strip clubs, telling them about the alarming reality that many women are prostitutes against their will due to human trafficking.

The other ministry is Wings for Wheels, which does camps for adults with disabilities – one unlike any in the world. I leave tomorrow to go to the Wings for Wheels camp for a couple of days before I’m back in Riga for more shooting. Yesterday when I went, they were riding horses! One of the boys actually rode it bare-backed, fist waving with the biggest smile. And it’s so exciting that I will really get to share it with you guys as soon as the video is edited. YAY PHOTOGRAPHY! It’s like you were practically there!! WOO!

OKAY soooo next week, Tuesday through Friday, I’ll be filming two other camps in Liepaja that focus on youth ministry and outreaches. I’ll know more about it when I get there. Can’t wait to share with you more of what God is doing in Latvia. Thanks for all the prayers and support! I have about 2 more weeks left here and am needing some strength to pull through as there’s still quite a lot ahead of me. Okay well I hope you are holding America close for me. Hug her for me, I miss her dearly.

Also, sorry for the lack of really awesome photography. Been pretty much straight video-ing my life away here and rarely have a chance to makes some stills. But I’ve been drawing more while on trains and things so YAY VARIETY!

this is james this morning. just kidding. like 3532 mornings ago because it’s been 3532 mornings since i left.



2 thoughts on “The Latvian Life – Week 3 & 4

  1. I love you Elle! Your mission, words, and pictures are so inspiring! You’re still making funny Elle jokes so it looks like you’ve got two more weeks in you! Love you all the time!

  2. I just found this so my comment is a bit late. Really great photos Ellie! Especially the children at the beach. Also, I’m impressed by the drawing of the old man’s face. Hope you’re doing well. It seems that you are.

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