my little sister.

guys, i have the best sister. SERIOUSLY THO.


she’s one of those teenagers that isn’t actually a teenager. like she got one of those time machines when she was 45 years old that sent her back to high school where she could do it all over again knowing now what she wishes she knew then. not that anyone would ever go back to high school if they had a time machine.

please, like i’m the only one that has thought that before. 

she’s just this old wise soul that drinks deeply and loves in the biggest best most honest ways. i’ve never experienced an unauthentic moment with her. she’s transparent and strange and refreshing. she’s also the first person to brave a portrait session with me and she still remains gracious enough to stand in the cold fog with only a poncho on her one day of vacation. she’s a giver, a lover and a sister. i could go on. but i won’t. because you should probably be doing something more productive than reading this right now. 

bottom line: maddie, youda youda best. the best i eva had.



2 thoughts on “my little sister.

  1. Maddie is beautiful (and she looks like you!)! You’re an amazing photographer, Elle! So proud of you! Love you girl.

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