keith + laine // married

KEITH AND LAINE YOUNG, LADIES AND GENTS. it happened. all my friends in one place and I was simply allowed to roam free capturing them as I pleased, inspired by the wonderful community that surrounds this pair. it was a dream. keith and laine are just one of those people that apart from one another you can never imagine who would be right for them but together it all makes sense. they’re equally loving, caring, sensitive and tons-o-fun. let’s just say that on the day of their wedding they both (separately) complimented me on what I was wearing (black jeans, black t-shirt) before I got the chance to even comment on how spectacular they looked ON THEIR WEDDING DIA. I am very impressed with myself for squeezing out the photos that I did considering every .2 seconds, I was on the verge of weeping. AND I DON’T WEEP. THEIR LOVE IS JUST THAT REAL. Okay, experience it for yourself if you don’t believe me:

(disclaimer: i know there are way more photos in this post than i normally do but these are muh friends and i see each one of them uniquely. i couldn’t help but include each of them in some way. get ova it and get to know them. you’d love ’em.)

_MG_0739 _MG_0577 _MG_0655 _MG_0562 _MG_0647 _MG_0742 _MG_0756 verticals_young _MG_0712 _MG_0693 _MG_1010 _MG_1027 _MG_1078

_MG_1389 _MG_1391 _MG_1400 _MG_1163






v_y04 _MG_0799_MG_0813


_MG_0779 _MG_0829_MG_0848_MG_0859_MG_0894_MG_0904_MG_0924_MG_0913_MG_1203_MG_1253_MG_1385v_y07_MG_1405_MG_1433_MG_1195_MG_2397_MG_1182_MG_1437_MG_1446_MG_1506





_MG_1772 _MG_1778_MG_1805_MG_1806_MG_1814_MG_1834_MG_1846_MG_1859

_MG_1969 _MG_1944 _MG_1949





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