Christian + Saayeh // Married – Seattle, WA

There is no way I can describe how special these two people are. I think we all know. And if you don’t then do this little mathematical equation:

(anything-at-all-suggestively-incredible-about-these-photographs) x 124523.24 = 1/16th (christian + saayeh)

you’re welcome. also, if you get the chance. you need to dance with saayeh in this lifetime. i love you both, really. here’s 4,241 pictures to prove it. ❤I50A5691I50A5664I50A5667I50A5685I50A5800I50A5739I50A5887I50A5818I50A5910I50A5950I50A5943I50A5983I50A5987I50A6047I50A6072I50A6083I50A6096I50A6111I50A6166I50A6167I50A6175I50A6199I50A6200I50A6232I50A6311I50A6269I50A6270I50A6289I50A6775I50A6321I50A6325_MG_2324I50A6649I50A6327I50A6338I50A6362I50A6370I50A6389I50A6398_MG_2237I50A6408I50A6435_MG_2311I50A6438I50A6439I50A6454I50A6458I50A6467I50A6479I50A6496I50A6507_MG_2320


I50A8211 I50A8217 I50A8198 I50A8176I50A8145I50A8132I50A8245I50A8246I50A8251I50A8253IMG_5408


3 thoughts on “Christian + Saayeh // Married – Seattle, WA

  1. Holy crap y’all! What lovely photos! And alot of TCA blasts from the past! Congrats and all the best for the years ahead. xx

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