Jesus + Christina

before i met up with jesus and christina, to be honest, i was really really tired. i didn’t feel like shooting and picking up my camera wasn’t on the top of my list to do that day. but i cannot even express in words how much that changed instantly when i saw them. they both are so warm and genuine. their authenticity was so refreshing. instantly, i livened up as i shot their engagements. which is an understatement.

their love is ridiculously contagious and real. we ended up spending about 6 hours walking around, hanging out, rummaging through vintage clothes, film and records. it was a shoot that i never wanted to end. they were so patient as we stopped at every place that caught my eye.

anyway, these are two people you don’t meet very often. really. so this post is long. but don’t act like you get sick of looking at this expressive pair. ❤

_MG_0708 _MG_0793 _MG_0725 _MG_0752 _MG_0726 _MG_0785 _MG_0770 _MG_0710 _MG_0806 _MG_0757 _MG_0815 _MG_0818 _MG_0823 _MG_0839 _MG_0841 _MG_0856 _MG_0872 _MG_0893 _MG_0905 _MG_0919 _MG_0934 _MG_0947 _MG_0962 _MG_0976 _MG_1002 _MG_1035 _MG_1083 _MG_1151 _MG_1119 _MG_1139 _MG_1142 _MG_1195 _MG_1181 _MG_1202 _MG_1198 _MG_1213 _MG_1269 _MG_1278 _MG_1299 _MG_1310 _MG_1322 _MG_1387 3 _MG_1395 2 _MG_1413 2 _MG_1426 2 _MG_1475 3 _MG_1458 2 _MG_1492 3 _MG_1501 3 _MG_1517 3 _MG_1521 2 _MG_1556 2 _MG_1568 3 _MG_1610 2 _MG_1618 2 _MG_1629 3 _MG_1652 3 _MG_1654 3 _MG_1656 2 _MG_1677 2 _MG_1691 2 _MG_1702 2 _MG_1718 2 _MG_1720 2 _MG_1721 2 _MG_1741 3 _MG_1748 2 _MG_1750 3 _MG_1754 2 _MG_1767 2 _MG_1770 3 _MG_1775 3 _MG_1794 2 _MG_1813 2 _MG_1823 2 _MG_1828 3 _MG_1848 2 _MG_1849 2 _MG_1922 3 _MG_1933 2 _MG_1940 2 _MG_1944 2 _MG_1969 2 _MG_1975 2 _MG_1994 _MG_2020 _MG_2070 _MG_2186 _MG_2277


2 thoughts on “Jesus + Christina

  1. Love the photos of Christina and Jesus. She’ s my God daugher. As a couple Jesus and Christina really embrace life. The camera never lies.

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