jason + kelly are gonna get married in austin, tx like next week.


jason and kelly are really real all the time. i never feel like they are just making conversation. i never feel like they’re just posing. it’s a constant extension of their authentic, genuine way of loving and connecting. in about one week i get to photograph their wedding in one of my favorite places on the planet: austin, texas. they took me to the wedding location while i was visiting and i almost cried with joy. it’s gonna be epic. a truly special place for wonderfully special individuals. excited to see these two wed. ❤

_MG_5347 _MG_5352 _MG_5357 _MG_5371 _MG_5448 _MG_5393 _MG_5449 _MG_5423 _MG_5535 _MG_5470 _MG_5522 _MG_5484 _MG_5528 _MG_5561 _MG_5555 _MG_5596 _MG_5575 _MG_5609 _MG_5626 _MG_5668 _MG_5681 _MG_5692 _MG_5701 _MG_5703 _MG_5718 _MG_5727 _MG_5741 _MG_5760 _MG_5770 _MG_5782 _MG_5787 _MG_5793 _MG_5838 _MG_5847 _MG_5850 _MG_5870 _MG_5872 _MG_5932 _MG_5965 _MG_5972 _MG_5977 _MG_6014 _MG_6042


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